The 2018 Foster Children Gift Signup has come to a close!
Distribution for the 2018 Christmas Gift Drive will be at the following place, dates and times:
Friday December 21 from 4PM to 8PM
Saturday December 22 from 1PM to 4PM
The distribution will take place at 1300 NE 48th Ave, Suite 1600. This is behind the ReMax realty office (to the left of ReMax when looking at the front entrance) which is across the street from the Hillsboro Costco store, located off of Cornell Road.

Please keep the following things in mind when coming to pick up your gifts:
1. If you bring children, please bring someone to watch those children as space is limited inside the pick up area.
2. As always, please do not open and go through your bags while in the building. There is simply not enough room or time for others to come in and get their items when this happens.
3. PLEASE BRING YOUR FOSTER ID NUMBER WITH YOU. This number should have been asked on your submission form.
4. Please DO NOT PARK IN THE REMAX lot, church lot or on the opposite side of the parking lot. This is in respect to our neighboring businesses and we have been specifically asked to keep everyone's vehicles on our side of the parking lot. There is adequate parking and should it be full, parking places will empty quickly. We ask for your cooperation on this so that we can continue to have a place to make this gift drive possible.
5. As always, please remember that our gift drive is done 100% with donations. Although we attempt to get every child sponsored with at least one item that they requested, we simply cannot guarantee that all items requested were received (especially in the case of gift cards). If your bag contains items not requested, this is simply because your requested item did not come in and we gave what we felt a child of that age would enjoy and wanted to ensure each child received three gifts each.

We hope everyone enjoys the holiday and we look forward to next year!

The SCOTTY Foundation

SCOTTY - Sponsoring Children Of Today, Tomorrow & Yesterday. Our core belief is that everyone, regardless of age, can positively impact the life of a child. Each year we focus on the following two great causes:

Holiday Campaign

In the Fall/Winter of each year, our foundation aims towards the foster care system. Each year thousands of children are placed in foster care. Foster parents do receive financial assistance to cover a foster child's basic living necessities, but there are no extra funds given to these families during the holiday season. Not only can this result in a financial hardship for the foster family, it can also deny a child who has known only pain and neglect, the childhood magic of the holidays. The children placed in foster homes may have never opened a gift waiting for them under a tree on Christmas morning. It is through the generosity of others that we are able to support these foster homes/children during the holiday season.

Our focus is to ease the financial hardship that some foster parents may feel during the holidays, allowing the children placed in their care a momentary reprieve from life's adversities. Our commitment is to participate year after year and honor the memory of Scotty by never giving up on a child's need to feel special.

Helmet Campaign

In the Spring/Summer of each year (and throughout the year when needed), our foundation switches gears as we continue with our helmet awareness campaign. Although helmet laws are in place in our area - these laws are simply not enforced, leaving the use of helmets as a "choice" (especially to those 16 and over). Our mission is to reach out to the youth/young adults to raise awareness of the impact helmet safety plays. The namesake of our organization passed away as a result of this "choice" and it is our hope to spread the awareness and helmets to as many as possible that are willing to make the "choice" for their safety.



Contact Us

Email: 4scotty.org@gmail.com
Phone: (971) 217-7725