We named our organization SCOTTY to honor the memory of Scotty O'Connor. His life was touched by an amazing little boy who happened to be in foster care. This special relationship ignited Scotty and his family's desire to find ways to help other foster children. Since 2004, Scotty and his family have committed their time to organize and participate in a Holiday gift drive. They have worked closely with the Oregon Department of Human Services/Child Welfare, which helps hundreds of children have a brighter holiday experience. Scotty's unwavering commitment to this cause was a reflection of his exceptional heart. He dedicated countless hours, year after year, to make sure as many children as possible would receive a holiday gift.

Scotty passed away in 2011 at the young age of twenty, in a tragic skateboarding accident. It is with great pride that our organization not only carries his name, but also continues Scotty's mission with the same love, compassion and commitment he felt for an organization that reaches out to so many children.



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