How You Can Help

The children in this community need your help. There are an OVERWHELMING number of children now in foster care and we are reaching out to the community to help us this holiday season! Partnering with the Washington County Department of Human Services / Child Welfare office, our foundation is assisting these foster children during the holiday season. Although we have changed our name recently in honor of a fellow member of our organization, this is our 8th year in the community, which hopefully assures you that you are dealing with an organization that has a history and references in the community.

The foster children in our area, who range in age from newborn to 18 years of age, find themselves in the foster care system during the holidays. For this reason, we work endlessly in our efforts to provide these children with not only a joyful holiday, but a safe and secure environment to ease their minds and hearts and show them that they are cared about. As you can imagine, these children are already traumatized by being in this situation which has forced them to leave everything they�ve known (including their parents/family), going to new "strange" families and often starting new schools.

These children are supported by 165 on-going foster homes, with some relative placement. Each foster home is usually at their maximum capacities of eight children and with the current state of the economy, these children need our help to brighten their holidays.

We have a job this year that we can't do alone! Santa has given us a very important task to bring a little extra holiday cheer to these very special children. It is up to the community to try and make this happen. We need your help. You could help, if only for a moment, to put aside their troubles. This can be as easy as picking up another toy as you shop this year for your own Christmas list. It is that easy to help! Please find it in your heart to sponsor one or more these children this holiday season.

There are several ways that you can help. Sponsoring companies and individuals may elect to sponsor as little or as many children as they are able to with gift(s), sponsor a holiday party or for those busy individuals/companies with no extra time to spare - send a monetary contribution which will allow us to purchase gifts for these children. For those companies that put up a tree in their office for the holidays, we can provide gift tag ornaments to hang on your tree for your employees and/or company visitors to see. These tags contain the name, age and 3 gift suggestions made by the child for Christmas. The person simply purchases either one or two or all gift suggestions on the tag and our staff comes by and picks up the donations prior to December 20th! Our staff then organizes these donations and distributes them to as many of these foster homes as possible. Considering the number of children we need to sponsor versus the low number of donations we anticipate this year, we are reaching out to everyone in the community for assistance. Without your assistance, providing this service to these children is impossible.

If you or your organization can offer any assistance, please don't hesitate to contact us. The smiles and happiness that your help will bring to these children will live in their hearts much longer than this holiday season will last. So many people think this is a great way to give back to the community! We hope you do too.



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